12 Amazing Uses of Cedarwood Oil

For centuries, people all over the world have been enjoying the numerous health benefits and applications of cedarwood oil. You can find cedar trees in the sandy scrubland of Lebanon, the Himalayan mountains, and several species can even be found throughout the American continent. Cedarwood oil is extracted from the wood of the cedar tree by a process called steam distillation. Chips of cedar wood and sawdust are exposed to steam, which causes the oils trapped within the wood to be repelled by the steam, expelling them so they can be collected as the steam condenses on the surface of the collection container.

Cedar wood and cedarwood oil have been used since the days of ancient Egypt and Greece for medicinal, cosmetic, and preservative purposes. Today, we have the scientific evidence to back up what thousands throughout history have always known: not only does cedarwood oil do amazing things for your skin and hair, but it also has numerous internal medical benefits, too. Cedarwood oil is often combined with other essential oils to maximize its benefits, but cedarwood oil alone can provide many palliative and restorative benefits all by itself. Let’s look at all the ways you can use cedarwood oil to make your every day better.

#1 Bug Repellent

When you spray Himalayan cedarwood oil on common houseflies and other insects, it basically kills them on contact. It has also proven effective against mosquitoes as a bug repellant, making it a valuable addition to any summer outdoor fun kit. Studies also show that spraying cedarwood oil on and around areas you want to keep bug free also helps keep bugs from hovering nearby. That means more bug-free picnics and cookouts thanks to cedarwood oil.

This also works on ticks, which reduces your chances of getting Lyme Disease. We’re huge proponents of using cedar oil as a bug repellent and insecticide.​

#2 Expectorant

A natural expectorant, cedarwood oil from Kenya to treat respiratory ailments, runny nose, allergies, sinus headaches, and any other condition that requires the loosening of phlegm within the respiratory system. It has been used in traditional medicine for this purpose for centuries, and continues to be used as a cold and flu remedy in Africa today. Whether you have seasonal allergies, a bad cold, or you are fighting the flu, cedarwood oil can be used to relieve symptoms naturally instead of taking an over-the-counter remedy with unknown long-term effects on your body.

#3 Dermatitis Relief

If you suffer from dermatitis, you know how uncomfortable and itchy the skin condition can become, especially when it infects your scalp. There are numerous prescription lotions and shampoos available to treat dermatitis, but they can be both costly and carry strong, unpleasant odors. The sweet, woody scented cedarwood oil on the other hand has been shown to be especially effective in the treatment of dermatitis. The oil works to cleanse pores of bacteria and is a natural astringent, which means that it helps pores close up once they have been cleansed to prevent further infection and irritation.

#4 Antiseptic/Disinfectant

Physicians throughout history have used cedarwood oil as a natural antiseptic when cleaning and binding wounds, especially in ancient Egypt and Greece. Today, it is used frequently as an additive in disinfectant soaps, technical preparation solution, and to clean sections of microscopes and immersion lenses. If you need to treat a cut or abrasion, cedarwood oil not only numbs the pain, but also cleans the wound so it can be covered with a clean bandage.

#5 Psoriasis Relief

The chronic pain and itching of inflamed psoriasis can make life unbearable, especially if you are someone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Fortunately, cedarwood oil is known to be very effective at relieving the burning and itching caused by psoriasis flare-ups. A little topical application is all it takes, and you can enjoy natural relief from your condition while living the life you want to live.

#6 Detoxification of Insect Bites

Eventually, if you live in a region of the world with insects, you are going to get bitten. It happens to the best of us. Rather than deal with the irritating effects of a bite or sting, an application of cedarwood oil can help draw out the irritant. Some studies have even shown that cedarwood oil can help prevent anaphylaxis in cases of a severe allergic reaction to an insect bite or sting. It also works quite well to take the itching out of mosquito bites, which is a common ailment around the world in the spring and summer.

#7 Hair Loss (seborrheic alopecia)

One of the more unique traits of cedarwood oil is its anti-seborrheic properties. Conditions such as seborrheic alopecia, which causes hair loss in men and women, can be treated with cedarwood oil to both relieve and prevent the inflammation and infection of sebaceous glands in the skin. These infections and inflammations are caused by seborrhoea, which is a dysfunction of the sebaceous glands causing them to function poorly or stop functioning altogether. However, treatment with cedarwood oil has shown not only to prevent seborrhoea, but to perpetually prevent future flare ups of the condition.

#8 Reducing Arthritic Inflammation

Like many essential oils, cedarwood oil excels at reducing inflammation both above and below the skin (Topical Dermal Application of Essential Oils Attenuates the Severity of Adjuvant Arthritis in Lewis Rats). With just a daily topical application, the level of inflammation decreased significantly over time within the joints and limbs. As a natural remedy for arthritis, cedarwood oil is an excellent choice for pain relief and helping those suffering from arthritis regain mobility in their joints as their inflammation is reduced over time.

#9 Anti-Fungal

Studies have shown that cedarwood oil is an exceptionally effective anti-fungal agent. A total of 17 species of micromycetes (fungal spores) were tested in the study, many of which are toxic to plants, humans, and animals. The antifungal properties of cedarwood have long been familiar to cabinet makers all over the world, as many chests and storage cabinets are lined with cedarwood for long term storage of moisture sensitive material like quilts or clothing.

#10 Treating Acne

Cedarwood oil is well established as a natural astringent that both cleanses and disinfects skin that has been infected or irritated with various conditions. Acne treatment is a common skin care use for cedarwood oil, closing newly cleansed and disinfected pores after topical application. If you suffer from acne and are tired of the pimples, whiteheads, and redness that comes along with it, give cedarwood oil a try.

#11 Immune System Booster

You know what it feels like when you have a cold coming on. The aches, the pains, the runny nose, the scratchy throat. The good news is that cedarwood oil can help you boost your immune system, especially where your respiratory and lymphatic systems are concerned. Cedarwood oil used as aromatherapy can help decongest your ears, nose, and throat, and flush out your lymphatic system as well. When that cold feeling starts creeping up on you next time, try a whiff or two of cedarwood oil to help you fight off the illness before it takes hold.

#12 Cough Suppressant

Having a cough is miserable. This is a fact of being sick that most of us have to accept. However, a little cedarwood oil mixed with a mentholated oil or gel can help clear up your cough faster and even help keep you from coughing. All you need to do is apply the compound to your chest and breath deeply for a while before going to sleep. You will find that unscratchable itch in your throat fading, and you will get the rest you need to help you recover faster.


So, there you have it folks. This amazing substance has innumerable applications for your everyday life, but these few we’ve discussed today should help you get started on your way to better living with cedarwood oil. Over-the-counter and prescription medications can have undesirable side-effects, and if you can derive the same effects with a natural substance such as an essential oil, wouldn’t you rather choose that option? At any rate, I hope you enjoyed this article, and that you spend many happy years enjoying the natural relief and enrichment that cedarwood oil has to offer. If you enjoyed this article and you are excited to give cedarwood oil a try, go ahead and hit Like and Share, and be sure to share with us what you liked best about what you read today by posting in the comments section.