21 Amazing Health Uses of Lavender Oil

Lavender oil contains a level of versatility that makes it an essential part of your daily routine.Add it to a cup of tea for a moment of calmness in an otherwise busy day. Place a few drops on an area of dry skin to find instant relief. You will enjoy placing a few drops in your favorite shampoo to give your hair care routine an extra boost of soothing aroma. (1)

I include lavender oil in my daily routine as much as possible. Let me share 21 amazing ways you can benefit from adding this oil to your daily routine.

1. Lavender Oil Relieves Muscle Pain

Muscle pain occurs rather easily and can happen when you turn the wrong way or overexert your body. Engaging in a strenuous physical workout can also cause muscle pain. You can use lavender oil to soothe your muscle pain by mixing a few drops with Epsom salt. Add that combination to a warm bath and then soak in the tub for as long as you desire. (2)

2. Lavender Oil Soothes Minor Burns

You can easily cause a skin burn when cooking dinner and trying to pay attention to your children instead of the stove in front of you. Grabbing a cup of hot coffee or tea can also produce skin burns. Minor skin burns are painful and produce red skin irritations. Place a few drops of lavender oil to the burn area for instant pain relief. The oil works to heal the burn without leaving a scar behind. (3)

3. Lavender Oil Clears Up Skin Issues

Skin issues take shape anytime your skin has an excess of oil or bacteria present. It can lead to the development of acne on your face, back or other areas of skin. Lavender oil serves as a natural treatment for these issues. To use, mix a few drops of the oil with warm water on a washcloth. Wash and dry your face like normal and move on with your day. It’s as simple as that. (4)

4. Lavender Oil Strengthens Your Heart

You need your heart to remain strong and active for as long as possible. A strong heart requires a healthy flow of blood circulation through your veins and chambers of the heart. Using lavender oil in aromatherapy treatments can help make this possible. Place four drops of the oil into 20 milliliters of warm water. Slowly breathe in the mixture for a period of 30 minutes at least once a day. (5)

5. Lavender Oil Heals Sunburns

Overexposure to the sun leaves you with a painful sunburn that is uncomfortable to the touch. Lavender oil soothes your sunburn while providing pain relief at the same time. You simply combine a few drops of the oil with another, thicker oil base, such as olive oil. Then apply that combination directly to the area of your sunburn. (6)

6. Lavender Oil Heals Open Cuts

Minor cuts and open wounds are painful experiences in life. You can receive a cut from a knife if you aren’t paying attention or from picking up a stack of papers. Lavender oil works to heal your cut while keeping bacteria from entering the area. You can apply the oil directly to the open cut or wound for immediate pain relief. The oil removes any bacteria present and heals the cut without leaving a scar. (7)

7. Lavender Oil Helps You Sleep

Restful sleep is essential to you approaching life with a clear mind and an energized body. Lack of sleep leaves you feeling groggy and irritable the next day. You try twice as hard to fall asleep the next night only to lay in bed staring at the ceiling. Placing a few drops of lavender oil into your hands and rubbing the oil on your pillowcase will help you find rest. (8)

8. Lavender Oil Cures Ringworm

Ringworm creates the occurrence of itchy, red skin in the area where the infection takes place.Lavender oil treats the ringworm infection and provides relief for your itchy skin at the same time. Place a few drops of the oil onto the area of your body where the ringworm is present. After a few days of application, the infection will begin to disappear. (9)

9. Lavender Oil Relieves Nausea

Episodes of nausea can bring your day to a halt and leave you feeling under the weather. Add a few drops of the oil to your favorite beverage or look for warm tea with a high concentration of lavender oil. It will get your digestive tract back in shape within moments of consumption. (10)

10. Lavender Oil Prevents Body Odor

Body odor creates an uncomfortable situation for you and everyone around you. Lavender oil works to prevent you from having body odor without subjecting you to harmful chemicals. You can easily add lavender oil to a homemade deodorant recipe to receive the odor protection and keep your skin safe from chemicals. (11)

11. Lavender Oil Soothes Earaches

Having an earache gives you a sense of disconnection from the world around you. Lavender oil relieves that pain when you heat up a small bottle of the oil. Place a few drops of the oil in your eardrum and gently massage the base of your ear. (12)

12. Lavender Oil Heals Eczema

Eczema flair-ups produce endless itching and irritation of your skin. Lavender oil relieves that burning irritation while healing the flair up at the same time. Mix a few drops of the oil in with a vegetable or olive oil and apply to your area of eczema for instant relief. (13)

13. Lavender Oil Relieves Anxiety

Suffering from anxiety leaves you feel as if you are a prisoner in your own body. Lavender oil relieves your anxiety symptoms as you inhale its soothing scent. Inhaling that scent or adding a few drops of the oil to your favorite cold beverage can work wonders for your anxiety situation.(14)

14. Lavender Oil Reduces Fatigue

Life keeps you constantly on the go, which often brings fatigue on early in your day. Lavender oil provides a more natural relief from fatigue. You can place a few drops of oil into warm water and soak your feet for a few minutes. That places the lavender oil into your bloodstream, which works to rejuvenate your body quicker. (15)

15. Lavender Oil Halts Nose Bleeds

Nose bleeds cause a significant amount of disruption to your day. Lavender oil stops a nose bleed quickly when you apply a few drops to a piece of tissue. You then wrap that tissue around an ice cube and hold it at the base of your nose for a few minutes until the bleeding stops. (16)

16. Lavender Oil Heals Bug Bites

Bug bites cause itchy skin irritations that are painful as well. Lavender oil instantly removes the pain of a bee sting, ant bite or other insect . You simply rub a few drops of the oil onto the bite area to let the healing process begin. (17)

17. Lavender OIl Relieves Headaches

Having a headache can bring your day to a halt in an instant. The pain becomes unbearable and your search for relief that occurs sooner rather than later. Lavender oil alleviates the pain of headaches when you add a few drops to a cold beverage or to a warm washcloth that you place on your forehead. (18)

18. Lavender Oil Eliminates Dandruff

Anytime you have dry skin on your scalp, dandruff will form. You can avoid the itchy feeling it brings by using lavender oil to moisturize your scalp. Rub a few drops of the oil into your scalp while in the shower for quick relief from the itching. (19)

19. Lavender Oil Relieves Bruising

When you have a bruise on your body, discomfort soon follows. Few products on the market provide the sort of relief that lavender oil does. Rubbing a few drops of lavender oil around the area of the bruise will stimulate your circulation, which starts the healing process. (20)

20. Lavender Oil Heals Shingles

Shingles are the adult version of chicken pox that causes itching and discomfort. You can find relief from these symptoms by combining lavender oil with another oil, such as olive oil, and applying the mixture to your skin once a day. (21)

21. Lavender Oil Soothes Respiratory Infections

Respiratory infections can make it difficult to breathe, which causes you a significant amount of discomfort. The infections makes normal functions, such as eating or sleeping impossible as well. Placing a few drops of lavender oil into a humidifier allows your airways to open, making it easier for you to breathe. (22)

Although lavender oil is exceptionally beneficial for most areas of your life, there are a few precautions you need to keep in mind when using the oil. You should never place lavender oil directly onto your skin. Always use a cotton ball, tissue or other applicator as a barrier between your skin and the oil. (23)

I find lavender oil to have many health benefits to everyday life. For that reason, I made this list as an informational guideline to further educate you on the ways that you can use lavender oil in your own life. Did you find areas on the list that can help you? If you did, please feel free to like this article and share it with your social circles.