25 Amazing Uses for Orange Essential Oil

Sure, you love your orange juice in the morning, but did you know that the essential oils from the fruit have much greater potential than merely a breakfast beverage?

I thought it would be a great idea to look at both the health benefits as well as the in home applications of orange essential oil. The rind of the orange is just going to waste and sitting in landfills. Let’s help the environment by using all parts of the fruit! This website shows you how to make your own! You can also check out this video about making your own. Unlock orange essential oil’s potential today!

Here Are 25 Amazing Uses for Orange Essential Oil

1. Orange Essential Oil can help refresh your house.

Are you looking for a way to make your home smell better? Why waste money buying air fresheners for your home when you could make your own natural one? This is especially useful during the winter months when you’re stuck inside, unable to open the windows and yearning for fresh air. In order to make this air refresher, mix eight drops of the essential oil, with 2-1/2 cups of warm water. Put this into a spray bottle and spritz it around your house to your heart’s delight.

2. Lift Your Mood

Because of its energizing and pleasant scent, orange essential oil can lift your mood. It has a direct effect on the olfactory system of the brain and triggers emotional responses. It also balances hormones. In order to calm headaches and lift your mood, mix a few drops with 1/4 cup of sweet almond oil in an airtight jar and then dab the mixture on your temples.

3. Flavor Almond Milk

Almond milk can get bland, so why not flavor it with something natural? For a tasty and citrusy almond milk, soak 2/3 cup of raw almonds and four soft pitted dates in two cups of water overnight. The next day, blend it with two more cups of water before adding a drop of cinnamon essential oil and four drops of orange essential oil. Pour it through a mesh strainer and then serve warm or chilled. This will make for a tasty treat for you and your family.

4. All-Natural Glass Cleaner

Ditch the chemicals and make your own glass cleaner with orange essential oil. Combine two cups of white vinegar and 10 drops of orange essential oil in a spray bottle. Shake it well before each use and use on windows and mirrors.

5. Clean Floors

Another great way to get rid of those nasty cleaning chemicals is using orange essential oil. It not only cleans floors, but it will give them a pleasant scent in the process. To make your own floor cleaner, take 1/4 white vinegar and mix it with 14 drops of orange essential oil. Then pour the mixture into a bucket of water.

6.Moisturize Furniture

Another great use of orange essential oil is to use it to moisturize leather furniture. To make this mix, take 1/4 cup of flax seed oil, one or two drops of orange essential oil and 1/2 of white vinegar. Put the mixture in a jar and shake before each use. Make sure to apply it with a soft, clean cloth. You will need to do one area at a time and buff it until the furniture dries.

7. Enhance Your Immunity

Orange essential oil can even enhance your immunity! It contains limonene, a monocyclic monoterpene, which is a powerful defender against imbalances in the human body. Monoterpenes also have cancer-fighting abilities and have been shown to be effective chemo-preventative agents against the growth of tumors.

8. Natural Antibacterial

Orange essential oil is a natural antimicrobial and a great way to help protect your family from common types of bacteria associated with different meats. It is great because it can inhibit the spread of salmonella bacteria. It was also found to prevent the rapid reproduction of E. coli bacteria in a 2009 study. With how common these types of bacteria are, it is imperative that you do what you can to prevent yourself and others from getting sick.

9. Kitchen Cleaner

Due to its natural fresh, citrus smell, orange essential oil is a great option for cleaning your kitchen. It is not harmful to surfaces like the majority of cleansers, so you don’t need to wipe it away. You can dilute it and clean appliances, cuttings boards and countertops. It’s also great to put in a spray bottle with other cleansing oils such as bergamot oil.

10. Circulation Booster

Instead of relying solely on medications, add in orange essential oil to help boost your health and circulation. It is a natural remedy for high blood pressure and is able to improve blood flow. It also fights hypertension and can help reduce PMS-related symptoms. By combining it with carrier oil, you can create a great massage oil to rub directly on the abdominal area and improve blood flow to help a variety of ailments.

11. Anti-Inflammatory

Between lemon, pine, eucalyptus and orange oils, orange oil has shown the greatest reduction in inflammation. It is able to fight pain, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and infections. It can fight inflammation, regardless of the cause, such as a fever, gas, ingestion, infections, ingestion of narcotics or toxic substances.

12. Pain Reducer

You can apply orange oil mixed with carrier oil directly onto swollen areas and sore muscles to bring down inflammation. This makes it a natural remedy for both joint and bone pain. By helping your mood, orange oil can help raise pain tolerance and help you sleep better when in pain or uncomfortable.

13. Skin Saver

Instead of buying lots of expensive creams to fight wrinkles and dark spots, use orange essential oil, mixed with carrier oil, to combat these problems. Orange essential promotes the production of collagen, helps protect and heal skin. It also slows skin damage from UV light exposure, toxicity and pollution, because of its antioxidant power.

14. Acne Fighter

In addition to fighting wrinkles, orange essential oil can also fight acne by fighting inflammation and bacteria. You want to use a very small amount combined with coconut oil on the affected area. Much of the acne creams on the market dry out your skin with harsh astringents. This is a great natural alternative and keeps your skin moisturized.

15. Digestion Booster

Orange essential oil can also ease cramps and constipation as well as promote better digestion. It also acts like a mild diuretic to help increase urine production and prevent bloating. It can draw out toxins, waste and excess sodium from the digestive tract because it stimulates the liver, bladder, kidneys and lymphatic system. It is also a carminative that helps in removing excess gas from the intestines.

16. It Helps Your Mouth and Throat

Orange oil can protect gums and teeth from infections since it fights microbial growth. If you gargle it with water and salt, it can help ease a sore throat. If you swish it in your mouth like a mouth wash with water, it can help reduce cold sores and mouth ulcers.

17. Antisapasmodic

Orange essential oil relaxes nervous and muscular spasms. These can be things like continuous coughing, muscle cramps, convulsions and diarrhea. In order for the oil to help, these problems should be treated early.

18. Aphrodisiac

Strangely enough, orange essential oil has mild aphrodisiac properties to it. If you use it regularly and systematically, you can even cure problems like impotence, decreased libido, loss of interest in sex, erectile issues and frigidity.

19. Cholagogue

Orange essential oil also acts as a cholagogue and encourages secretions from exocrine and endocrine glands. It is an all-natural substitution to help with lactation, menstruation, digestive juices, hormones, bile and enzymes.

20. Antiseptic

When you cut yourself, there is the change that it can become septic because of a bacterial infection. If there was an iron object involved, this puts you at risk for tetanus. Using orange essential oil can help you avoid tetanus, fungal and septic infections because it will disinfect the wound and inhibit microbial growth.

21. Protect Your Houseplants and Garden

Orange essential oil is unpleasant to bugs so you can use it to protect your plants. In order to make this spray, take 24 drops of essential orange oil and combine it with four ounces of water.

22. Tonic

You can use orange essential oil as a tonic for your body. This is much like overhauling and servicing a vehicle. It will tune up every system in your body. It will keep the metabolic system in shape, boost immunity and contribute to strength.

23. Perfume

If you combine orange essential oil along with jojoba oil and vodka, you can create your own perfume. You can use other oils in addition to orange, such as grapefruit, peppermint and lavender to get the scent that you want.

Making your own perfume is much better for you since you’ll know exactly what’s in it and be able to avoid any nasty chemicals. It will also be the most cost effective. Check out this video for a demonstration on making natural perfumes with essential oils.

24. Fight Cellulite

Mixing two or three drops of orange essential oil and combining it with one ounce of almond oil, will provide a great mixture for fighting cellulite.

25. Pick You up in the Morning or Calm down After a Hard Day

Orange oil can even have opposite effects depending on what you need. You can use it as a pick me up in the morning by inhaling the sweet citrus aroma to help you focus and prepare for your day.

It’s also great for calming down at the end of a hard day. It will alleviate anger, anxiety, inflammations and depression. Using artificial sedatives to calm down is much more dangerous for your body. Instead you can use something like orange essential oil instead to get the same effect.


As with anything you choose to take into your body, there are also some precautions you want to keep in mind if ingesting it. If you take in a large quantity, it can cause vomiting, loss of appetite and nausea.

It can also cause sensitivity to the sun within 12 hours of applying it topically. You should only use it at night or on skin that won’t be exposed. You should test it before spreading it over a wide area of skin. If you use it excessively on your skin, it could cause irritation. You also need to be aware of where the oil is coming from as they are not all the same. This could be avoided if you make your own.

Thank you!

Did you enjoy this list of great uses for orange essential oil? I hope you were able to see all its potential in both your home and your body. It’s a great way to make sure all parts of those oranges you’re eating are used!

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