Simple Beauty Recipes That Cost Less

It can often be confusing when you first discover the trending world of essential oils. Trying to figure out exactly which oil is used for what purpose can be nerve racking. It’s ok though. Continue to be patient. Within just a few short months you will be using oil remedies for everything from the reduction … Read more

How to Use Essential Oils for Headaches

Do you suffer from regular headaches? Do you get headaches at least once or twice per week? Unfortunately, headaches are a fact of life for up to 90 percent of Americans to get a tension headache. Up to 17 percent of Americans suffer from more severe migraines. Migraines may actually cause a visit to the … Read more

How Can Essential Oils Be Used for Hair Growth?

Long, lush locks mock you at the checkout aisle. Golden, auburn and shiny dark manes call to you from television commercials. Yes, the mirror reflects a different picture. Are you looking for a solution? Me, too. The weather, my diet, styling products and tools, exercise, sleep or lack thereof all contribute to the condition and … Read more

Aromatherapy Inhalers: Your Questions Answered

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to uplift one’s physical or psychological well being. These oils can be extracted from plants, or items like coffee beans. With an understanding of this concept essential oils can safely be used in conjunction, or instead, of medications. What is an aromatherapy inhaler? An aromatherapy inhaler is … Read more