How Can Essential Oils Be Used for Hair Growth?

Long, lush locks mock you at the checkout aisle. Golden, auburn and shiny dark manes call to you from television commercials. Yes, the mirror reflects a different picture.

Are you looking for a solution?

Me, too. The weather, my diet, styling products and tools, exercise, sleep or lack thereof all contribute to the condition and length of my hair. And, honestly, many times, my strands lay lackluster in comparison to my hopes and imaginings.

Essential oils may just prove to be our answer for hair growth and health.

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Digging deep into ancient practices, essential oils have offered help and relief for ailments, medical conditions and beauty dilemmas for centuries. The medicinal properties of these natural oils treat dandruff, premature graying, hair loss, plus more. In fact, the plus more includes prompting increased blood circulation to the scalp which stimulates your hair follicles. And, when these follicles are energized, they grow. In other words, a healthy scalp equals healthy hair which leads to growth.

How to Use Oils

Let me share with you a few hints for effectively using essential oils to promote hair growth:

  • Do not apply oils directly to the scalp as they are highly concentrated and potent.
  • Combine a few drops of essential oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil and apply.
  • If a scalp condition precludes the application of oils, dilute essential oils with alcohol, vinegar or floral water instead of a carrier oil.
  • Each natural oil contains unique properties which have differing effects.
  • Trial and error chooses the product which best works with your hair type and scalp condition.

Essential Oils to Try

While the Internet boasts lengthy lists of essential oils for hair health, let’s get started with three common ones which prove easy to find. Keep in mind, any oil which promotes scalp health also positively impacts hair growth.

1. Lavender

Indirectly, the reduction of stress and anxiety prompted by this naturally occurring oil does the body good, including the scalp. Damaged hair follicles, greying, hair loss and slowed hair growth result from stress. Using the aromatic benefits of this oil taken from the lavender plant’s flowers to soothe the soul works in favor of hair growth.

More direct in application, lavender oil applied to the scalp moisturizes and balances sebum (oil) production. Gently massaging the antiseptic and antimicrobial components of this oil into the scalp treats conditions such as dandruff, scalp acne, and fungal and bacterial infections which hinder hair growth.

2. Rosemary

Extracted from the leaves of the cooking herb, rosemary invigorates with its mix of minty and woodsy scents. Not only does it enliven the spirit, but it stimulates your hair follicles by improving blood flow to the scalp. And, as we know, this makes our hair grow.

Rosemary essential oil also boasts plentiful and powerful antioxidants to fight premature graying and hair thinning. And, it decreases the action of the sebum glands and clears clogged pores making this oil an ideal treatment for oily hair. In particular, this essential oil proves valuable in combating dandruff for improved hair health and growth.

3. Tea Tree

Considered the go-to natural treatment for skin and hair issues, tea tree oil gets our attention in promoting hair growth. Extracted from an Australian tree, this essential oil works deep into the hair follicles. Here, the antimicrobial and moisturizing properties work their magic.

Tea tree oil holds honor as the number one dandruff treatment. However, its value does not stop there. Known to moisturize the scalp and unclog pores, this natural remedy releases natural oil flow, relieves dryness and itching, and thereby, prompts hair growth.

How to Use Essential Oils

Taking advantage of the hair growth benefits of natural oils proves simple. But, as we discuss three general ways of using these remedies, remember that essential oils vary in strength and properties. Be sure to find specific instructions for the oil you choose in order to achieve the best results.

  • Mix a drop or two of essential oil into one tablespoon of your shampoo and wash as usual.
  • Apply a mix of an essential oil and a carrier oil to the scalp. Wash off after 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Or, heat the above mixture and massage into your scalp as a hot oil treatment. Repeat once weekly for a month to notice results.

Action Steps

While the magazine racks boast of camera tricks and hair extensions, realistic hair growth can be achieved through improving hair health. Essential oils play a valuable role in answering our cries for stronger, thicker, longer manes. These natural remedies contain properties which directly enhance hair growth and health.

But, to take advantage of the benefits of essential oils, we must take action.

  • Identify the natural oil which best addresses your hair’s needs
  • Purchase a quality essential oil
  • Apply the treatment with consistency

And, reap the rewards.

For further inquiries about essential oils and hair growth, please comment below. We would love to help you find a solution.